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House of Sports Lombardi   5:00 PM
Blue Wave Hooper...
HPT Huskies Riley   5:00 PM
HPT Huskies Parkes Hooper...
Minutemen Dell   6:00 PM
Bronx Running Rebels Hooper...
Greenwich   6:00 PM
HPT Huskies Riley Hooper...
Minutemen Lewis   7:00 PM
HPT Huskies Lobban Hooper...
Ossining   8:00 PM
Throgs Neck Ballers Hooper...

 Upcoming Games 
House of Sports Lombardi vs Blue Wave
HPT Huskies Riley vs HPT Huskies Parkes
Minutemen Dell vs Bronx Running Rebels
Greenwich vs HPT Huskies Riley
Minutemen Lewis vs HPT Huskies Lobban