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 Today's Games 
HPT Huskies Riley U8 26  box 
HPT Huskies Lobban U9 13
TriState Blue Johnson 25  box 
Green Thunder 20
A and M Sports 47  box 
Back to Basics 51
TriState Red Juricek 45  box 
LI Lightning Busch 51
TriState Red Joffe U11 41  box 
Eagles U11 30
Bronx Hawks U11 26  box 
TriState Red Joffe U11 56
HPT Huskies Lobban U10 20  box 
Dragons 32
TriState Blue Johnson U12 20  box 
NY Jokers U12 43
HPT Huskies Smith U12 20  box 
A and M Sports U12 42
TriState Red Juricek 53  box 
Minutemen 23
LI Lightning Busch 46  box 
A and M Sports 41
Back to Basics 36  box 
TriState Red Juricek 68
Eagles U11 39  box 
Bronx Hawks U11 42
Mavericks 61  box 
LI Lightning Rea U17 58
Green Thunder 22  box 
HPT Huskies Riley U8 12
HPT Huskies Lobban U9 19  box 
TriState Blue Johnson 22
LI Lightning Rea U17 54  box 
HPT Huskies Moore U16 48
Legends 46  box 
Shocker 50
TriState Gold Joffe U12 47  box 
HPT Huskies Smith U12 19
HPT Huskies Richards U13 12  box 
TriState Red Juricek 31
Dragons 31  box 
HPT Huskies Staple U10 7
HPT Huskies Richards U17 47  box 
Mavericks 60
HPT Huskies Moore U16 59  box 
HPT Huskies Staple U10 20  box 
HPT Huskies Lobban U10 24
NY Jokers U12 48  box 
TriState Gold Joffe U12 30
A and M Sports U12 39  box 
TriState Blue Johnson U12 19
Minutemen 37  box 
HPT Huskies Riley U13 49
HPT Huskies Riley U13 38  box 
HPT Huskies Richards U13 15
Latinos Basketball Acadamy 60  box 
Legends 55
LI Lightning Picchione 52  box 
HPT Huskies Smith U14 41
Shocker 60  box 
TriState Blue Joffe 26
RIPCITY 52  box 
HPT Huskies Richards U17 51
HPT Huskies Smith U14 55  box 
Latinos Basketball Acadamy 63
TriState Blue Joffe 29  box 
LI Lightning Picchione 60

 Upcoming Games 
HPT Huskies Riley U8 vs TriState Blue Johnson
TriState Red Juricek vs A and M Sports
Back to Basics vs LI Lightning Busch
TriState Red Joffe U11 vs NY Jokers U12
Dragons vs HPT Huskies Lobban U10